Road Trip through Georgia. May, 2017.

I took a deep breath, while the air is filling my lungs. I close my eyes. It is one of that moments. Those moments I am so grateful for. It is this country, Georgia.

I first came here in March 2016. Remembering everything I explored, Georgia never got out of my mind. When I felt sad, I remembered that country. It’s different. It vibes caught me, and never let me go again. Paralyzing.

All the pictures were taken by the most talented photographer Jewgeni Roppel. His work is unbelievable. Find him on Instagram or on his blog


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Summertime with Janis Joplin and Review

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Summertime, time, time. Child, the living’s easy. 

As Janis Joplin filled my mind with her  words, I packed all my things for a picnic at the lake. I love this bohemian vibes, soft breezes on your skin, sunshine and bonfires.
I take a good book with me, currently I am reading Ein Philosophisches Lesebuch. It is about all famous philosophers during the decades. I love to read outside, the sound of nature is so calming and makes my soul shine. A pretty dress and I am ready to go!

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There is a word in Georgian – თავისუფლების. Tawisupleba. It is mixed out of the words “Head” and “Right” to create its translation – Freedom. 

Last year I made the best decision in my life. I traveled to Georgia for four weeks. And there is one day, that will be in my mind forever.

I came out of the train station, it was about 7am. I took a night train from Tbilisi to Batumi. I barely slept that night, so I felt the coldness even more. Half asleep I walked outside and saw the sea. The black sea. The sun was rising, sunbeams kissed my tired skin. And then I met Darina. She is Georgian living in Germany. We decided to walk together the way to the city ( it took us about 1 hour and 30 minutes). I never saw her before. But there was a connection between us. And while we kept going, kept talking, the sun kept rising. I heard the sound of the waves, a sound I’m always connecting with freedom. The waves take the sand, the stones from the shore and keep them inside the deepness of the water. My mind was somewhere else as Darina suddenly told me to turn around. I looked in her eyes and saw a glance. ‘I missed this place so much’, she told me. Her home, her country, her life. I was hooked by her eyes but turned around. The sun covered the mountains in a delicate pink curtain. Wind was in my hair, the smell of salt and freedom in my nose.

For me it is freedom, the sweetness of the ocean, the smoky atmosphere in that little flat. The people around with their wisdom, willingly to share it.

November thoughts.


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All I need for the mind was to be led to new stations. 
All I needed for the heart was to visit a place of greater storms.

As I closed my book, MTrain by Patti Smith I had that indefinable feeling. It is a feeling that overcomes me when I’m thinking a lot. About my life, future, emotions. I close my eyes for a couple of minutes, focusing on the words. The book feels heavy in my hands. The smell of printing ink and pages I already read five times is filling the room.

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Georgia, 2016.



I looked out of the small window into the endless blue sky. White and fluffy clouds and the feeling of freedom. This is how my trip to one of the most amazing countries I have ever seen started. I felt nervous and excited at the same time. What can I expect? Where will I go? I just had no clue. The only thing I knew was, that my first stop would be Tbilisi, the capital.

As the airplane landed, all the people ran out of it. I just took a big breath, closed my book MTrain by Patti Smith and let Tom Rosenthal finish the last song – As luck would have it. It has become a habit. Everytime I travel somewhere I listen to Tom Rosenthal. I don’t even know why, but it seems to create that feeling of freedom.
After I arrived at the small guest house I left my heavy backpack on the bed, took my camera and went out for the adventure.


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