A propos d’Yves Rocher, l’amour de la nature et de Paris.



What we are doing to the forests of the world is but a mirror reflection of what we are doing to ourselves and to one another. — M. Gandhi

After a day full of work at the university, I was very happy to escape this speed of life when I got on the train to go to Paris in the evening. Since this post is supposed to be about sustainability, especially in cooperation with Yves Rocher, there is a tip in the first sentence to protect our dear earth: go by train instead of by plane. Especially on short distances from Cologne or London to Paris it is much more relaxed.

In the evening at 8 o’clock I arrived at the Gare Du Nord & immediately set off through the city of Paris, which sank in a warm summer night towards the hotel. The streets were full of people, I watched everything, saw the well-dressed people strolling through the alleys of Paris. In other corners you could see nicely decorated bars, people drank wine or ate a snack.
Arrived in the hotel it went also directly further to the meal, which I was looking forward to it! For me there was a lot of vegetables, great company and good conversations.

The next morning I got up at 7 o’clock, drank my coffee on the French balcony and prepared myself for the wonderful day. I try to meditate daily and start the day slowly. After breakfast we went to the park for yoga. For me this is the perfect opportunity to master a balanced day. Shortly after that we went to the Tony Ward Fashion Show.


Arrived at the Seine in the warm midday sun, there was such a wonderfully prepared picnic, with fresh ingredients, many vegan dishes and an unforgettably beautiful view. I am so reassured by the sight of water and beautiful architecture! Afterwards we were allowed to decorate our bicycles with flower wreaths and then to drive through Paris, first stop was Yves Rocher’s Botanical Bubble & afterwards we drove to the Concept Store on the Rue Haussmann.


We were told a lot about Yves Rocher’s concept, about the visionary’s work and the importance of protecting and honoring Mother Nature. In this way, the products are produced sustainably, there is also an attempt to waste fewer resources and to support projects that promote the environment. As environmental protection and sustainability is an enormously important topic for me in my daily life, it was all the more interesting to be able to look behind the scenes of such a large company. The Yves Rocher Foundation is committed to planting trees – 100 million trees are to be planted by 2020!



In the evening we went to a party on the rooftops of Paris – the roof was completely full of plants, small snacks, relaxed guitar sounds and interesting people.
But what would Paris be without a detour to the Eiffel Tower? (yes, I know, super touristic) But nevertheless: strolling in the small alleys and seeing the mighty building again and again triggers enormous feelings of happiness in me.



The whole trip to Yves Rocher’s garden inspired me very much and I am very grateful that I was invited to Paris. Not only because I can share my love for nature with the company, but also because I have met many loving people.

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*This post is a paid collaboration with Yves Rocher. #ad #actbeautiful

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