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Recently I found myself thinking about nutrition, healthy lifestyle and in general environmental influences for us. Every day we force our body to absorb so many pollutants: plastic, some laundry detergents, cosmetic… all in all these products may irritate our skin and influences ourselves negative.

Over the past few years high quality cosmetic got more and more important to me. I am a huge lover of organic and natural cosmetic, I barely use anything else anymore. At the beginning my skin struggled with the new ingredients, but after using it for a while you’ll definitely see and feel the difference. IMG_7637YvesRocher

And because I recently live in a bigger city a good base for my skin is necessary. Luckily I was allowed to test Yves Rocher’s new line Elixir Jeunesse. This line is supposed to protect our skin from pollution and UV radiation. In every single product is the Aphloia plant from Madagascar, a little helper and warrior against pollution. In general the line has about 90% of natural ingredients, no silicones, no mineral oils.

So far so good: of course a healthy lifestyle and effective detoxing includes more than skin care.  I am also a main part in helping myself mental and physical to be healthy. Living in harmony with nature is the most important thing to me: enjoy every sunbeam, the sound of nature and our world. I can absorb the harmony of nature when I’m doing Yoga or go out for a run. Luckily I live nearby a nature reserve which is perfect for calming down and escaping the stressful fast-living world.

You may remember the saying “You are what you eat” – simple but true. Food and nutrition is so important for detoxing as well. It is now about three years ago since I am a vegan. Of course there is the motivation to respect every animal on earth, as humans doesn’t have more rights than other living creatures on this planet. We forgot to respect our environment, we forgot to live in harmony with every inch of earth. For myself being vegan was a massive change in my life: not only in thinking about what to cook alternatively (of course you have to learn how to get enough vitamins without animal products), but also for my body. Since I was I child I dialed with neurodermatitis, I remember myself being so shy and I felt ashamed as a child and even as an adult in summer, when you’re wearing short things. Becoming a vegan was the best decision I made so far: I got rid of neurodermatitis. Maybe this is one massive fact that influenced my body, but also skincare. As a teenager I fancied all lotions with a nice scent. I didn’t know how bad it was for my body. Especially when you’re suffering from neurodermatitis you should carefully choose your beauty products. And less is definitely more: less chemicals, less unnatural ingredients. I tested for four weeks Elixir Jeunesse and I am really satisfied with it. In general my skin is dry, especially in colder months. The cream was rich enough, but I haven’t got any pimples. And the fact that convinced me the most: I haven’t had any allergic reaction (believe me, I have tons of allergies, especially from cosmetic products)! I can recommend you to try (also you don’t have to buy the whole line, start with one product and see if you like it. I loved the cleansing gel and the day cream – I also think these are the best things to start with). Take a look at the Website – Yves Rocher (click).

Fact is: you just have one body, take care of it and treat it well! Here are my top ten facts for having a healthy, sustainable lifestyle. (at least it worked out for myself)

  1. Drink a lot of water and unsweetened tea
  2. Eat fresh, good quality food
  3. Do Yoga, it’s honestly the best thing for your body
  4. Meditation – mental health is just as important as physical
  5. Good skincare!
  6. Visit the green areas (parks, botanical gardens) of your city
  7. Try to avoid any plastic (for example drinking bottles: why not buying one pretty glas bottle and fill in fresh tea?)
  8. Take a bike or walk to work, university, school…
  9. Read and educate yourself! (when it comes to a healthy, sustainable and minimalistic lifestyle I can recommend you two books: Magnifeco by Kate Black and L’art de la simplicité by Dominique Loreau)
  10. Play an instrument



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