The Earth Laughs In Flowers.


IMG_6653Emersons words are describing my personal feeling with flowers perfectly. When the earth laughs, the expression is made with beautifully blooming flowers. This is why I found the idea of The Green Gallery so brilliant, that I decided to create for them my personal interpretation with flowers. The idea from The Green Gallery is a free and unique ad blocker, different designers created an awesome content which definitely will delight your online existence. Scientifically it is proven that our mind gets a positive vibe from flowers and plants. Even the level of creativity can be raised, the stress level reduced. I think it is a quite clever way to confront people in the internet with nice artworks trying to make them feel better.

And I do adore flowers! You might already have noticed that I love to wear flower patterned garments. So I grabbed my favorite dresses and went to the backyard of my boyfriends house, to the lake and on top of a small mountain in my university city. My friend, Franz Surek made some of them. He is really talented when it comes to nature photography. <3

#GreenScreenAdblocker #TheGreenGallery @locodiceisc @hoxxoh

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