Monthly Archives: July 2017

A day at the botanical garden

This weekend I spent a day with my lovely boyfriend at the botanical garden in Cologne. While living in a bigger city, it is sometimes hard to calm down. Luckily I live nearby a nature reserve and even so it is not far to the botanical garden.

There are a lot of blooming flowers, sounds of birds and wind in the leaves. I enjoyed it so much, especially the smell of fresh lavender.


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Road Trip through Georgia. May, 2017.

I took a deep breath, while the air is filling my lungs. I close my eyes. It is one of that moments. Those moments I am so grateful for. It is this country, Georgia.

I first came here in March 2016. Remembering everything I explored, Georgia never got out of my mind. When I felt sad, I remembered that country. It’s different. It vibes caught me, and never let me go again. Paralyzing.

All the pictures were taken by the most talented photographer Jewgeni Roppel. His work is unbelievable. Find him on Instagram or on his blog


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Summertime with Janis Joplin and Review

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Summertime, time, time. Child, the living’s easy. 

As Janis Joplin filled my mind with her  words, I packed all my things for a picnic at the lake. I love this bohemian vibes, soft breezes on your skin, sunshine and bonfires.
I take a good book with me, currently I am reading Ein Philosophisches Lesebuch. It is about all famous philosophers during the decades. I love to read outside, the sound of nature is so calming and makes my soul shine. A pretty dress and I am ready to go!

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