November thoughts.


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All I need for the mind was to be led to new stations. 
All I needed for the heart was to visit a place of greater storms.

As I closed my book, MTrain by Patti Smith I had that indefinable feeling. It is a feeling that overcomes me when I’m thinking a lot. About my life, future, emotions. I close my eyes for a couple of minutes, focusing on the words. The book feels heavy in my hands. The smell of printing ink and pages I already read five times is filling the room.

It is a book I’m always having around me, or at least a person I’d wish to be always around me has it. I love the simplicity of Patti’s words. She is like a person I seem to know for ages. When my eyes go over every single letter, my world feels a little easier. It might be because of the fact, that I recognized that she had even less in her mid-twenties and was still happy. New stations could mean so much, an era that ended, new places you visit.

I opened my eyes, listening to a vinyl of Alex Turner. The sun was softly shining into my room, suddenly small particles of dust, who danced in the warm air, caught my eye.

When there are unexpected things in your life, you might be worried about failure, deceitful hopes, wrong expectations. But Patti made me think of positive aspects. What you need for your heart is also the fact of visiting a place of greater storms.

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