Monthly Archives: June 2016

Georgia, 2016.



I looked out of the small window into the endless blue sky. White and fluffy clouds and the feeling of freedom. This is how my trip to one of the most amazing countries I have ever seen started. I felt nervous and excited at the same time. What can I expect? Where will I go? I just had no clue. The only thing I knew was, that my first stop would be Tbilisi, the capital.

As the airplane landed, all the people ran out of it. I just took a big breath, closed my book MTrain by Patti Smith and let Tom Rosenthal finish the last song – As luck would have it. It has become a habit. Everytime I travel somewhere I listen to Tom Rosenthal. I don’t even know why, but it seems to create that feeling of freedom.
After I arrived at the small guest house I left my heavy backpack on the bed, took my camera and went out for the adventure.


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