Smells like teen spirit – Happy 25th, dear REVIEW fashion!

A few weeks ago I was back in big B for the birthday party of the year! My day started early, but I was so happy to be in the capital again together with my friend <3 So I packed a suitcase and hurried to the train. Looking forward to tonights evening program I turned on the song Smells like teen spirit from one of my favorite bands ever; Nirvana. As a teenager I was so addicted to all of their songs and decorated my room with Kurt Cobain posters. And tonight promised me a flashback to their decade.

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Urban Detox


Recently I found myself thinking about nutrition, healthy lifestyle and in general environmental influences for us. Every day we force our body to absorb so many pollutants: plastic, some laundry detergents, cosmetic… all in all these products may irritate our skin and influences ourselves negative.

Over the past few years high quality cosmetic got more and more important to me. I am a huge lover of organic and natural cosmetic, I barely use anything else anymore. At the beginning my skin struggled with the new ingredients, but after using it for a while you’ll definitely see and feel the difference. IMG_7637YvesRocher

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Road trip through France.

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This year I already traveled a lot (for some it might not be enough), UK, India, Georgia, Netherlands and finally I ended up in France.

When I lived and worked in Tbilisi, I got to know Vivi, my former flatmate and the loveliest girl ever. We were both in a similar situation in live – I wouldn’t call it midlife crisis, but close to that –  we thought a lot, didn’t really know what to do and missed each other. Both of us love traveling more than anything else, but were kind of broke, so we couldn’t do an expensive trip somewhere. But smart as my girl is, she offered me to come to France and visit her. She was so kind to host me and showed me around with her car – we traveled to Tours, Saumur, Angers, Nantes and Bretagne. Although it was just a week, it definitely felt so good to be with a close friend, see something different and breathe – finally!

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The Earth Laughs In Flowers.


IMG_6653Emersons words are describing my personal feeling with flowers perfectly. When the earth laughs, the expression is made with beautifully blooming flowers. This is why I found the idea of The Green Gallery so brilliant, that I decided to create for them my personal interpretation with flowers. The idea from The Green Gallery is a free and unique ad blocker, different designers created an awesome content which definitely will delight your online existence. Scientifically it is proven that our mind gets a positive vibe from flowers and plants. Even the level of creativity can be raised, the stress level reduced. I think it is a quite clever way to confront people in the internet with nice artworks trying to make them feel better.

And I do adore flowers! You might already have noticed that I love to wear flower patterned garments. So I grabbed my favorite dresses and went to the backyard of my boyfriends house, to the lake and on top of a small mountain in my university city. My friend, Franz Surek made some of them. He is really talented when it comes to nature photography. <3

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Into the Wild.

The trip was to be an odyssey in the fullest sense of the word, an epic journey that would change everything.

John Krakauer, Into the wild.

Mit diesem Post möchte ich meine Liebe zur Natur beschreiben, meine Liebe zum Reisen. Schon als ich ein kleines Kind war, waren meine Eltern viel mit meinem Bruder und mir unterwegs. Eines der Dinge, die wir jeden Sommer zusammen erlebten, waren lange Road Trips. Auch heute hat sich dieser Ruf in die Natur, der Reiz des Fernen und Fremden nicht meiner selbst entzogen, ich reise um zu lernen, verstehen und die Welt in einem neuen Licht erblicken zu können.

Das Reisen verlangt nach Vorbereitungen, worin ich nicht immer gut bin, doch das was ich immer, wirklich immer bei mir haben muss sind: Reisepass, Geld, Handy, meine Canon AE1, gute Musik und Haarpflege.  Zugegeben schleppe ich ungern tausend Produkte mit mir rum, doch ein Shampoo und ein pflegendes Öl sind definitiv ein Muss. Mein derzeitiger Favorit ist aus der Botanicals Fresh Care Reihe von L’Oréal die gesamte Korianderreihe. Sie duftet so himmlisch, dass ich es als Duschgel missbrauche, in der Hoffnung, mein gesamter Körper duftet nach Flora und Fauna. Aus irgendeinem Grund erinnert mich eben dieser Geruch an meine Kindheit. Ein Geruch, den ich mit meinen Lungen aufgesaugt habe, als wir in den Schweizer Alpen waren. Kräuter, die mich immer faszinierten, die ich sammelte und mir selbst Parfum daraus pressen wollte. Das Gefühl, wenn man als kleines Kind durch die weiten Wiesen rennt, im Wettlauf gegen sich selbst, nicht die Zeit. Die Erinnerungen, wenn einen Sonnenstrahlen kitzeln, das laute Gelächter. Bücher lesen unter schattenspendenden Bäumen. Eiscreme mit dem kleinen Bruder essen und einfach frei zu sein. Zumindest hatte ich dieses Gefühl als Kind gehabt – diese Unbezwingbarkeit.IMG_5953 Continue reading

Neon Wood Berlin.

Oh, Berlin. You’re honestly such a beautiful city!

From 27th of July till 2nd of August I stayed in the shabby-chic-place-to-be Berlin. I got an invitation from Neon Wood, a new opened student apartment house. It is located in Friedrichshain, the cool hipster area, close to Berghain and good vegan food options. I love this area, a friend of mine is also living there, so I have been there a couple of times. It is very close to Frankfurter Tor, from where you can reach the whole city. The interior is very new and super chic. Every apartment has its own small kitchen and bathroom.IMG_8511

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A day at the botanical garden

This weekend I spent a day with my lovely boyfriend at the botanical garden in Cologne. While living in a bigger city, it is sometimes hard to calm down. Luckily I live nearby a nature reserve and even so it is not far to the botanical garden.

There are a lot of blooming flowers, sounds of birds and wind in the leaves. I enjoyed it so much, especially the smell of fresh lavender.


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Road Trip through Georgia. May, 2017.

I took a deep breath, while the air is filling my lungs. I close my eyes. It is one of that moments. Those moments I am so grateful for. It is this country, Georgia.

I first came here in March 2016. Remembering everything I explored, Georgia never got out of my mind. When I felt sad, I remembered that country. It’s different. It vibes caught me, and never let me go again. Paralyzing.

All the pictures were taken by the most talented photographer Jewgeni Roppel. His work is unbelievable. Find him on Instagram or on his blog


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Summertime with Janis Joplin and Review

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Summertime, time, time. Child, the living’s easy. 

As Janis Joplin filled my mind with her  words, I packed all my things for a picnic at the lake. I love this bohemian vibes, soft breezes on your skin, sunshine and bonfires.
I take a good book with me, currently I am reading Ein Philosophisches Lesebuch. It is about all famous philosophers during the decades. I love to read outside, the sound of nature is so calming and makes my soul shine. A pretty dress and I am ready to go!

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